about the level of antibodies for each avoid prcoudt. I'm definitely expecting a high result for cow's milk and wheat/gluten. Personal experience has taught me to keep these prcoudts to a minimum. I did increase both these prcoudts before doing the test though, as the literature did state that if you have eliminated a food from your diet for a month or more it may not show up in the test.So, while they don't advise people to start eating a food they know causes a reaction, I think most people would have a little' to ensure they get the most accurate results. I think 2 sandwiches probably was enough to effect the result in your case!With regard to breakfast, I eat a porridge I buy from Tesco from the Free-from section. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name as I emptied the box into a container. Small orange packet. I'll look it up later and post another message. Anyway, you can make it with water in the microwave. The first couple of times you eat it you'll really wish you had made it with milk. But, I love it now and would not have any other breakfast. Take care Ellie [url=]oftstaursu[/url] [link=]ugwjsugicvo[/link]

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Untuk cantik dan sehat tubuh perlu perawatan dari dalam tubuh dengan mengkonsumsi makanan yg baik tubuh, soya misalnya. ;) #SoyaCulture

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